Twill fabric (195 g/m2)

Twill fabric (195 g/m2)

Composition: Cotton: 35% Polyester: 65%,
Density: 195 g/m2

Dense, durable mixed twill weave fabric that combines the softness and breathable properties of cotton with the practicality of polyester. The Japanese standard has invested in the fabric high quality, wear resistance and resistant dye, not harmful to health. The fabric is multifunctional. Popular in the restaurant business. Indispensable in the manufacture of uniforms, medical and corporate clothing. It is also used for the manufacture of jackets, light windbreakers and baseball caps that do not require professional impregnation.

Processing method:



  • Cotton: 35%

  • Polyester: 65%


  • Weight: 195 g / m2