Blouse for women

Article 4083


Stretch Comfort Lycra fabric (145 g/m2) production Japan .

  • Cotton: 53%
  • Polyester: 44%
  • Lycra: 3%

Various color schemes are possible. Check with managers for details.

Fabrics and accessories

The size range of models from 40 to 60, can also sew to individual standards

How to choose the size?

Blouse semi-fitted silhouette, length below the hip line, without closure.
Front, back with cross-sections forming a set-in belt. The waist is slightly high.
The upper part of the back, front with oval reliefs from the armholes to the set-in belt. The middle upper part of the front consists of 2 symmetrical parts. Each part reaches the relief of the opposite side. At the bottom of the front side patch pockets double-consisting of internal and external, different levels of entry into the pocket. Right internal pocket and an external pocket, the left is divided into two vertical stitching. There are small incisions at the bottom of the side seams.
Sleeves set-in short.
The neck of the front is u-shaped, treated with a wide turning.
In the area of side seams on the set-in belt tabs. The ends of the tabs are fastened with buttons, have 2 positions of the clasp, which allows you to adjust the width at the waist.
Embossed seams, cross seams, obtachka neck with 2 sides, tabs, the entrance to the pockets stitched double finishing lines.

The cut of this model is quite complex-the reliefs of shelves and backs, cross - sections form a set-in belt, the extraordinary solution of the neckline combines convenience and attractiveness, double-layer patch pockets carry a functional and aesthetic load, the abundance of double finishing stitches at the seams creates a certain flavor of style-all this in combination looks very harmonious ,allows you to offer a model for almost any age and figure. Pats on the back, regulating the volume at the waist, small cuts at the bottom of the side seams as additional elements of practicality.