Jacket women's

Article 4080


The stretch fabric ELA (190g / m2) production Japan .

  • Cotton: 54%
  • Polyester: 44%
  • Lycra: 2%

Various color schemes are possible. Check with managers for details.

Fabrics and accessories

The size range of models from 40 to 52, can also sew to individual standards

How to choose the size?

Jacket with a hidden clasp in the center of the Board with buttons, fitted, with a cross-section at the waist. Jacket a long-below lines thighs. The bottom of the jacket has a significant flaring.
Back, shelves with embossed seams from the armhole to the bottom. Back with a high yoke, passing in the shoulder on the shelves.On the shelves side pockets in the transverse seams of the sides. At the waist line sewn belt.
Sleeves set-in, two-seam, length¾.
The neck is shallow, oval.

Long jacket, narrowed at the waist and significantly expanded to the bottom. Reliefs of shelves and backs, cross-sections on a waist allow to achieve as much as possible a pritalennost and to allocate advantages of a figure. Shallow neckline, hidden clasp to the top, comfortable sleeves length¾, pockets in the seams of reliefs - these elements of business style harmoniously combined with a figure-emphasizing silhouette.
A set of this model will be narrow skin pants made of stretch fabric.
sizes 40-52