Jacket women's

Article 4089


Stretch Comfort Lycra fabric (145 g/m2) production Japan .

  • Cotton: 53%
  • Polyester: 44%
  • Lycra: 3%

Various color schemes are possible. Check with managers for details.

Fabrics and accessories

The size range of models from 40 to 60, can also sew to individual standards

How to choose the size?

Jacket semi-fitted silhouette, length below the hip line, with a Central side button closure.
Back with a yoke, embossed seams from the yoke to the bottom. At the top of the relief seams laid unilateral folds for freedom of movement. On the middle part of the back at the level of the waist line drawstring with an elastic band, providing additional form-fitting back.
Shelves with pairs of relief seams from the neck to the bottom and from the armholes to the bottom. The raised seams are side pockets.
Vtachnoy sleeve, short, with the facing on the bottom.
Neck with stand-up collar with rounded ends.
Embossed seams, yoke backs, sides, lining the bottom of the sleeves, front stitched finishing stitch.

Strict business jacket semi-fitted silhouette, length below the hip line, with a short set-in sleeve, collar-stand-practical, versatile model for work in the clinic. Constructive lines of reliefs create a form that provides a good fit on the figure and hides flaws. Drawstring on the back enhances the fit . Due to the folds in the reliefs of the back, freedom of movement is achieved. Side pockets are located in the raised seams. The snap button closure.
To suit the jacket as narrow skinny pants and pants of moderate width.