Blouse for women

Article 4086


Stretch Comfort Lycra fabric (145 g/m2) production Japan .

  • Cotton: 53%
  • Polyester: 44%
  • Lycra: 3%

Various color schemes are possible. Check with managers for details.

Fabrics and accessories

78 / 10000 АНГЛИЙСКИЙ Перевести вGoogleBing The size range of models from 40 to 54, can also sew to individual standards

How to choose the size?

Blouse semi-fitted silhouette, long to mid-thigh, with a Polo clasp to the slit line on the loops and buttons.
The back at the waist is assembled on the elastic threaded in the drawstring.
Before with a cross-section under the chest, reliefs from the cut to the bottom. On the upper part of the front of the cross-section laid folds on the volume of the chest. Polo-neck closure with stitched planks. The straps above the clasp have an inclined shape, forming a curly neckline. The embossed seams are side pockets with an oval line of entry into the pocket.
Vtachnoy sleeve, short, with the facing on the bottom.
The lower strap clasp, valances side pockets, facing the neck of the finishing of fabric with a print. Buttons finishing, in combination with finishing fabric.

Delicate blouse made of cotton fabric with elastane.
Free, moderately adjacent silhouette of the model, allows you to recommend it for any figure. At the same time, a small fit due to the elastic waist back will make the figure more slender. Small soft folds on the upper part of the front provide the necessary breast volume.
Contrast print trim and contrasting button closures create a playful color scheme.