Jacket women's

Article 4084


Twill fabric (195 g/m2) production Japan .

  • Cotton: 35%
  • Polyester: 65%

Various color schemes are possible. Check with managers for details.

Fabrics and accessories

The size range of models from 40 to 60, can also sew to individual standards

How to choose the size?

Jacket female semi-fitted silhouette, length below the hips, with a Central side clasp to the top on the loops and buttons.
Back with raised seams from armholes to the bottom. At the level of the waist line in the embossed seams sewn tab, providing a slim back.
Shelves with coquettes, embossed seams from armholes to the bottom. On the sides of the shelves are patch pockets. Side sections of the pockets are included in the seams. On the yoke parallel to the neck line stitched pinches.
Sleeves set - in, short. At the bottom of the sleeve parallel to the bottom line stitched pinches.
Neckline shelves in the shape of a trapezoid. Ledge Board is a continuation of the line pritachivaniya yoke.

Laconic design solution and universal purpose jacket semi-fitted silhouette with short sleeves, reliefs on the shelves and back, patch pockets, trapezoidal neck, strap on the back. Parallel pinches on the yoke shelves and at the bottom of the sleeve - the only decorative element of the model - its originality and originality.